About Me

I was born in New Brunswick, Canada on October 3rd, 1974. I enjoy going for long walks and rides on my bike in the summer. Playing with our dogs, both of which are Pitbulls that we rescued from our local SPCA. I have been working for an employed with UPS Canada in the Customs Brokerage Department processing shipments but classifyng commodities on international shipments entering Canada globally. Accessing Duties and Taxes for our account and C.O.D. customers. My wife and I have been married since September 16th, 2000. Things I also enjoy are listening to music, watching movies on Netflix, listening to audiobooks, learning new things and reading about technology as well as social networking and meeting new people online.


Career Overview:

Dedicated customer service representative with motivation to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to the company's success.

Skill Highlights

  • Problem resolution
  • Administrative support
  • Meet deadline
  • Critical thinking
  • Meets/exceeds goals
  • Self-starter
  • Attention to detail
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Team building
  • Administrative operations
  • Business correspondence
  • Quality assurance
  • Listening skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • MS Windows proficient
  • Fast learner
  • Problem solver
  • Strong client relations
  • Courteous demeanor
  • Training development
  • Customer service
  • Telecommunication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Core Tasks


    Customer Assistance

    Worked with Canada Customs Brokerage Systems/Software and diligently completed all assigned tasks, working overtime as needed.


    Trained brokerage staff of 20 employees on the use of our new faxing software. Helping co-workers, friends and family with any computer related issues as they took place.


    Demonstrated proficiencies in telephone, email, fax while meeting multiple deadlines during the normal work day.

    Management Support

    Ensured smooth operations by supporting executive team.


    Administrative Assistant (Rater) Brokerage Rating Department, UPS (United Parcel Service), Fredericton/New Brunswick July 1997 to Current

    During my time I have worked various shifts, Full-Time. I have always been praised on my ability to adapt to changes in policies and procedures quickly and helping my management team in assisting my co-workers to adapt to the new changes at the same time. During my time with UPS I was always willing to take on added responsibility when approached by my management team whether that be taking on additional projects, training co-workers or helping other departments.


    Academy of Learning (Business/Technology School) Graduated in July 1997